Reaching the Masses, Making a Difference

Authors of Halo Magazine



Yesica Trawick

I am very excited about helping HALO Magazine grow and reach believers of all backgrounds and walks of life.

Being born in Colombia, South America and raised in Northern Virginia, I have met individuals from all over the world and I truly love, appreciate and embrace diversity because I know heaven will be  a big, beautiful melting pot.

I am the mother of two energetic boys whom I call my “World Changers” (ages 2 and 4) and I work from home on our business website nippylid.com.  I volunteer with Jewels Women’s Ministries and my husband and I teach Allstar Children’s church at Christ Chapel Assembly, a few times a month. We love serving the Lord together!

I look forward to bringing you new stories and testimonies to inspire and motivate you to be a walking miracle,  an angel to those who you surround. It’s possible to live an amazing life, full of joy and peace despite what our world is facing these days. The scriptures remind us that we are in the world but not of it, so when our thoughts are set on things above and not beneath our lives reflect our beautiful Heavenly Father.

I am honored to serve with such a great team and I pray for hearts to receive and share HALO with all those we engage and live with.

Del Teachout

Delbert Teachout has a PhD from Christian Bible College and Seminary, an M.S. degree in
Psychology from Central Missouri State University, and a BA degree in Psychology from Saint Leo
College. He was ordained in ministry in 2002 by Shalom Ministry, Inc.
He taught Old Testament and New Testament Survey and General Psychology as an adjunct
faculty for Alpena Community College for three years. He also served for seven years as a program
director for Guiding Light Mission.

Delbert Served in the USAF for 22 ½ years retiring as a captain.
He has more than 175 published articles in periodicals with combined circulation of over
700,000 and is currently the Managing Editor for Halo Magazine.
Delbert has been married for 39 years and has 4 children and seven grandchildren.
His other books include The Christian Adventure and The Hittite Warrior

Bob Segress

Rev. Robert Segress, PhD, Th.M. is the former Director of Psychological Services of Riverton
General Hospital (now Highline Community Hospital) of Seattle, WA. He was licensed in several
areas of psychotherapy after leaving College teaching, serving for 25 years. After retiring, he served
for 15 years as a prison minister inside Shelton Prison, WA. He returned to writing as his ministry 4
years ago.